FB slips new data use policy for review the night before Thanksgiving

Well, FB is at it again. They mailed users at 11 p.m. on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving with an update to the [Data Governance documents](https://www.facebook.com/notes/facebook-site-governance/proposed-updates-to-our-governing-documents/10152304935685301). You can leave any comments by 9:00 AM PST on November 28, 2012.As part of the [new data policy](https://fbcdn-dragon-a.akamaihd.net/cfs-ak-ash3/676592/128/460431350669077_1584612884.pdf), FB is looking to make some significant changes:

1. Now FB wants to share your data from one of its held services across to all of its others. This means that your graph can be used to “improve” your stream on things like [Instagram](http://instagram.com). It also means that your data, and the changes that FB is going to make to them with this set, will go further than you ever intended. And now, with this as precedent, when FB with their large war chest, acquires more, it should be expected that the data will bleed across to those services as well.

2. FB users can no longer block emails. Instead of outright blocks, now you can put in a filter instead.

3. acebook is also doing away with the voting system that lets users veto changes to its terms and policies. Under Facebook’s previous system, a vote was triggered if more than 7,000 users commented on a given change — but 30 percent of the site’s one billion users needed to vote to make it binding. Astoundingly, FB stated that the previous system “incetivized the quantity of comments over their quality”. Let’s not get into full representation of the people. Let’s vote some representatives to hold forh in their wisdom instead.

So, again, FB is changing terms that are arguably in their interest, not the end user. But FB continues to grow its empire and Zuck sits in his imperial throne room, although with less gold than previously 🙂


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