Google releases tool to convert Flash to HTML5

I just wrote about the [Last Call]( for HTML5, much of the hype around being concerned with the move to shift out of plug-ins to browser support for RIA, presently driven by Flash and Silverlight. Google has just releases [Swiffy](, which converts SWF Flash format files directly to HTML 5. Swiffy uses SVG features that limit it presently to browsers like Chrome and Safari.A SWF file is converted in two phases: the Swiffy compiler (which you can use on this website) processes the SWF file and generates a JSON file. A client-side JavaScript runtime loads that JSON file and renders it using HTML, SVG and CSS. Swiffy supports many common SWF features such as vector graphics, embedded fonts, images and timeline animation. Basic ActionScript 2.0 code is also supported, but don’t expect to convert your favorite Flash game yet. In general, Swiffy supports most of the features in Flash 5, so exporting your file as a Flash 5 will give the best results. The Swiffy compiler will warn you when unsupported SWF features are encountered.

You can see some [demos]( of converted flash animations. Flash has also released a plugin, [Wallaby](, but it works with FLA files, and reuses parts of the Flash file in HTML. This would be a bridging technology, in Christensen terms, trying to sustain the technology base, whereas the Swiffy tool is disruptive. Interesting.


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