HTML5 Draft Last Call by W3C

The W3C HTML 5 Working Draft has reached *Last Call* milestone, meaning that final testing and broach public comments for the spec are in their final months. The expected candidate recommendation should occur in 2012 Q2.The [HTML 5 WG Charter]( shows all of the deliverables and details of the specification working group. It is expected to make a recommendation for HTML 5 in Q2 of 2014. The link also has a delta from HTML 4 and examples. HTML 4.0.1 was [recommended]( 24 December, 1999, so we are more than a dozen years out.

Phillippe Le Hegaret is maintaing a [testing]( page for HTML 5. It states taht there are currently 1276 approved test cases and 28,858 submitted tests. They are calling for better test coverage and submissions. You can view the [suggestions box]( and even add your own.

HTML 5 has some accessibility issues that need to be addressed, but there are already many popular features, including for support for video in the browser, pushing out plugin support from Flash and Silverlight. SVG support is also very popular. HTML 5 should allow for present flash and silverlight apps to go directly to the browser. You can see some [amazing examples]( of what is coming, and it is impressive.


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