Indian HE market being impacted by private universities

The Hindustan Times has a [report]( which details that private universities have risen from 20 in 2004 to 107 in 2011, 535% upsurge in seven years. This is an amazing change in the HE landscape in a rapidly developing economy that needs to educate its workforce to compete in the global economy.The government is painting a positive picture, with the human resources development minister, Kapil Sibal, saying “Private scale universities are capital efficient and self-sustaining enterprises for entrepreneurs and investors,” said the report. “Private education serves to bridge the employability gap for students and employers.” The former VC of SNDT University also indicated the impact on employees and wages with “Good private universities will pay teachers better, giving them greater motivation”. But he also warned that “there also needs to be an effective regulatory body to monitor these universities”.

There is a problem with access to HE in India, but I would warn them about the many problems that come from the for-profit sector targeting potential students, and their fees, as a [profit center]( There are also reasons to worry about [quality]( One should also consider the effect of the [HE Bubble]( in the wider economic development before selling one’s soul to profit driven HE.


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