Man sues Stanford over damages caused by Wave Theory of Light

A man sued Stanford over damages he received from Stanford when they pursued grants based on the [wave theory of light]( It was thrown out of court. O well, that’s alright then.Here is the [Chronicle]( story:

Ben Ito has disputed the wave theory of light with the sort of steadfast conviction generally found in people who maintain that NASA faked the moon landings and that Elvis still roams the earth. Beginning as early as 2004, Mr. Ito argued against wave theory on various physics discussion boards (see here, here, here, and here), quickly establishing himself among other participants as “that guy.”

For reasons that aren’t clear, Mr. Ito sued Stanford University in U.S. District Court in San Jose, alleging that the university was “[s]cheming to justify the wave theory of light, using wave theory to represent matter.” He further argued that Stanford had obtained federal grants based on false representations about the theory and that the university’s actions had caused him to suffer $80,000 in financial damages.

On Monday, after six months of legal back and forth, District Judge Edward J. Davila threw out Mr. Ito’s complaint for failing to show that he had standing to sue. He did not prove that he had been an employee of Stanford or that he had suffered concrete injury.

The court did not take up the more technical question of whether something can simultaneously be a particle and a wave. It did not ask to see Einstein’s long-form birth certificate either.


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