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Here is a nice Web 2.0 approach to committee servicing, and other meeting administration requirements. []( has some nice features and could become very useful to many people, quickly. But there’s more.They have really thought about the workflow and the design. There are subtle and sophisticated elements in this design and should be considered by anyone writing modern web apps. They have just released a pubic beta that deserves attention.

The app works when you are offline, caching for later connection. There is instant publish – the interface doesn’t even have a save button! There is a categorization of meeting elements to allow for quick input during a meeting, all tied to category owners. And it works across browsers and tablets, which is very useful.

In a planned update, each recipient will receive a customized version of the minutes, with the to-do items they own grouped at the top. Automagically customized minutes from one master copy? That would be impressive! The other useful planned update is syncing with to-do managers.

Now, in addition to their good design choices and sophisticated domain understanding, there will be the question of sustainability, but they still deserve praise for what they have achieved so far.


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