Practitioner Conference for UX/UI/Testers

[SDTConf 2012]( is at the University of Houston during April 27-29, 2012. SDTConf is an all open space conference providing software practitioners a platform to meet face-to-face and discuss/demonstrate simple design testing principles/approaches. At this conference you’ll meet real, hands-on practitioners interested in peer-to-peer learning and exploration. We strive hard to avoid fluffy, marketing talks and other non-sense.I like the proposed format, and the comments seem to be very positive, but at the time of writing I can’t find any of the old papers or any output from the previous conferences, only plans and agendas. I have written to some of the people connected with organization to determine if there is any such. The fact that it is low cost and practitioner engaged is very positive for the domain.

There is a [page]( of the benefits as related by previous participants:

* I was blown away by the depth and breath of topics and discussions @ SDTConf. It’s like “Google without the browser”.
* I learned that I know nothing, which is more than I knew before. Challenge Everything! What a great conference.
* Worth every penny they charge on it, many times over. “David Bogus”
* What I really liked about SDTConf is that everyone is a practitioner. Now I’m thinking why people go to other conferences and listen to jokers?
* I was very happy to come back to the conference. I’m even more happy that its kept the same spirit since the first conference
* Like Minded people with amazing diversity different perspectives
* I feel refueled
* I don’t really have to sell anything to people. Its a safe environment where its OK to be proven wrong. Great platform to experiment ideas and push the boundaries. I’ll keep coming back.
* I was at the first SDTConf in 2006. After that conference I fundamentally changed the way I program. Wow!
* I’m sad that this conference happens only once a year. But on the brighter side, I’m glad its an annual conference. I learn so much at this conference that 1 year is a short time to try all those wonderful ideas back at work.
* The Pittsburgh Ruby group was dead until 2 weeks ago when someone sent an email about SDTConf. Since then, there has been a lot of excitement and we even had our first face to face meeting. I’m amazed how far reaching impacts this conference has.
* Great conference where I can come and challenge the status qua. And its not skeptics who have never tried it. Its by practitioners who really live and breath these practices.
* I’m very happy to meet the rock starts behind the blogs in person and actually hear first hand information
* I came in with 1 question and now I have 40 more questions. All great stuff.
* You can’t get a better bang for your buck than this conference! It’s a 2 day jam session on agility and simple design with virtuoso participants. Declan Whelan, Consultant
* I was impressed by the knowledgeable participants and the ease of starting or joining discussions (inside or outside the designated time slots). Jim Kingdon, Consultant


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