R Data Structures

R Data Structures overview by Hadley Wickham

If you are working with any programming language, there is nothing more important to understand fundamentally than
the language’s underlying data structures. Wickham on R Data Structures is an
excellent overview for R programmers.

There are five fundamental data types in R.

  • Homogeneous
    1. 1D – Atomic vector
    2. 2D – Matrix
    3. nD – Array
  • Heterogeneous
    1. List
    2. Data frame

Hadley goes through the five to show how they compare, contrast and, most importantly, they are interrelated. Important stuff.
He also goes through a small set of exercises to test comprehension. I think that some of these could be used
as bones for interview questions.

Taken from his book, Advanced R which
is well worth the price and should be read by serious R folks.


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