Social Network Analysis tool for LMS fora

[SNAPP]( is an interesting browser bookmarklet that will analyse a forum and build a social graph of the participants, providing a way to model interactions of the forum participants. This is a neat project that feeds into the growing domain of learning analytics.The tool is meant to provide a visual representation of the social graph of interactions between forum participants. It shows, thusly, dense and sparse regions, isolated individuals, teacher led versus highly connected discussions, etc. This tool should allow active lecturers and support staff to monitor and intervene in cases where it is warranted.

Version 2 will allow for viewing over time, filtering by date, and allows annotations. It exports in [NetDraw .vna Windows only :(]( and [Gephi .gexf the better choice]( for those that need it, or pushes out an image, although you could just screen capture it as well using something like [Snapz]( The system works now with BB, Moodle and D2L.

So, I would want to install this tool as an admin in an institutional LMS and then extract all of the relevant fora graphs and then put them into a classification engine. I would think that it would be interesting to run this through a SVM and do some automatic classification and then have a way to classify subsequent runs, perhaps with a scoring algorithm that would draw up reports for people to go along and look at with intervention if necessary.

Since the tool exports the graph, this shouldn’t be too difficult to do a simple POC.


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