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Data Virtualization Technology Advancements

As a follower of Virtualization technology, you have likely heard about the June 2011 Forrester Research report on Data Virtualization entitled Data Virtualization Reaches Critical Mass: Technology Advancements, New Patterns, And Customer Successes Make This Enterprise Technology Both A Short- And Long-Term Solution. Continue reading Data Virtualization Technology Advancements

MySQL releases a NoSQL API with memcache

Explosions in data volumes and internet penetration rates are driving a seemingly insatiable demand for ever-higher levels of database performance. By directly implementing memcached API support to InnoDB and MySQL Cluster, developers and DBAs can preserve the rich functionality of relational databases and SQL, while also having options to integrate simple and fast access methods provided by the one of the most widely adopted NoSQL protocols. There is now code available, not GA, to try this out. Continue reading MySQL releases a NoSQL API with memcache