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Sublime for blogging in WP

Reducing Friction in WordPress blogging

So, I just found a nice post on zero-friction blogging using the all good Sublime text editor.
Which is a real treat, because I used to use TextMate directly into WP, but that went away
a couple of years ago with the demise of TextMate and the wierdness of WP. But, take heart!
Sublime continues to amaze me as an even better editor than TextMate, with so
much Emacs power in it. And now the plugin community has really ponied up and made
some nice plugins that can greatly reduce friction in your workflow for making posts into WP.

Use Markdown again!

Markdown is back in my workflow. For the last few months I’ve been using the WP admin
blog editor. Even with the dreaded WYSIWYG turned off, it still pretty much sucks.
Markdown is so much easier.
I just couldn’t find a replacement for the markdown plugin that was working fine in
my old version of TextMate.

So, assuming that you have already installed Sublime then you
need to install Package Control if you haven’t already.
Also, you might want to learn about some of the awesome sauce you get in Sublime. Once you have those done, you need to open
up the Package Installer in Sublime {super}+{shift}+{p} and install the following:

Create in Sublime MD

Go into Sublime with those plugins. Create a new MD file. Sublime is awesome in that it is
contextually aware of file type and will load a whole slew of macros and functions relevant to
that context. MD tells it that it’s markdown, and you’ll get all of that sugar to drive your post.

Once you have it to where you think your’re good, use the OmniMarkupPreviewer to see how
it’s going to look as HTML, which is what you’re going to output it to in order to make
it nice for WP to consume. You can do that with {alt}+{super}+{O} which will cleverly force the
HTML to be rendered by your default browser. When you’re happy with that render, use
Markdown to Clipboard to make a clean HTML export via {right-click} and paste that
into your new post in WP.

This isn’t as straight as just uploading it, but it still gives you Markdown and all of the goodness
of the Sublime editor, plus the nice UX of the markdown editing theme. We might yet
be able to get it to push into WP, I’ll be looking into that. I saw that there were some
older (circ 2014) plugins for WP that might be alright or at least updateable.