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Real Time BI and CI in OBIEE

I was fortunate enough to meet up with Stew at IOUG 2015 in Las Vegas, where he was once again peddling his elixir of Agile into the dark underworld of OBIEE BI. I saw Stewart give a seminar last year at IOUG 2014 where he was advocating for the XML native format of OBIEE 12c and how it was going to facilitate meaningful VCS for the OBIEE RPD at least. I went back to the ranch very excited by all of this, but again got the response of that won’t work here, we don’t work that way. Sighs.

Nonetheless, Stewart and Kevin have moved on from being ACEs to starting a new consultancy called Red Pill Analytics. They have some of their presentations and articles up on their main site and it is worth a trawl. I will try to write a bit more about this in the next couple of days, but an important idea to highlight is their active selling of development-as-a-service. So, the model is that you purchase a capacity – small, medium or large, and then fill the sprint backlog on a regular basis. It’s an agile contract and should work like any other agile structure. But you have access to some BI wizards in the model so it should inject some rapid pushout to prod of some deliverables.

I think that this is froody both because of what it can do to capacity-low OBIEE environments as well as what it demonstrates for the realization of capacity based rather than contract based external engagements with third party organizations. The first is a must have for organizations that have a local lack of talent but high demand and produces a feasible way forward for enterprise class platforms like OBIEE while still retaining ability to respond to the enhancement request stream from functional areas.

The second is all about a new model of sourcing talent and capacity for an organization from an external service in an agile model. This is great to see and I suspect that we will see it in many other areas as time moves forward. It truly is a simple but bold extension of the IaaS/PaaS models into pure sw development. It should lead to market efficiencies as well for hot areas as competition should lend itself to growth in the sector. OBIEE, Peoplecode, all of these areas could benefit from this.