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LAK 2012

There was some interesting stuff happening at the [LAK 2012](http://www.solaresearch.org/events/lak/2012videos/) in Vancouver. I didn’t go, but want to go over some stuff here and capture it for later. Much of this will be pushed forwards in Denver at [Educause 2012](http://www.educause.edu/annual-conference) which I should be at. This particular talk was looking at how to build organizational capacity for LA inside an HE. Donald M. Norris,Linda Baer
Panel Proposal: Building Organizational Capacity for Analytics. Continue reading LAK 2012

Social Network Analysis tool for LMS fora

[SNAPP](http://www.snappvis.org/) is an interesting browser bookmarklet that will analyse a forum and build a social graph of the participants, providing a way to model interactions of the forum participants. This is a neat project that feeds into the growing domain of learning analytics. Continue reading Social Network Analysis tool for LMS fora