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World Bank goes Open Access

There has been a steady trickle of institutions and organizations committing to open access to some subset of their data, with the UK government [announcing opendata](http://seanmehan.globat.com/blog/2011/07/28/opendata-for-uk-government-pushing-semantic-web-development-for-government-transparency/) last year. Now the [World Bank](http://web.worldbank.org/) has become perhaps the first major international organization to require [open access](http://documents.worldbank.org/curated/en/000406484_20120403130112) to its research outputs under a [CC](http://creativecommons.org/) licensing scheme. Continue reading World Bank goes Open Access

Aaron Schwartz rough handedness from Feds at behest of MIT raising alarm bells

I [first wrote](http://seanmehan.globat.com/blog/2011/07/20/mit-cracker-arrested-trying-to-download-millions-of-jstor-articles/) about Aaron Schwartz when it went public about what he was alleged to have done, and [again](http://seanmehan.globat.com/blog/2011/07/22/sympathy-protests-for-aaron-swartz-against-jstor/) with protests against his arrest and Aaron’s own writings about his cause. Now more information is coming out and it seems that there is more strong support forming for the cause. The [Chronicle](http://chronicle.com/article/Rogue-Downloaders-Arrest/128439/) has a very good article on the subject, with quotes from different sides. What seems apparent is that all of the sides, save JSTOR and the administration, but including the faculty at MIT, as regarding the inclusion of the US Secret Service as rather heavy handed, especially when this is a clearly a case of activism and information that is all out of copyright. Continue reading Aaron Schwartz rough handedness from Feds at behest of MIT raising alarm bells