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Run down on current cloud based IAM standards

There has been some activity on cloud based IAM lately, most recently with the release of the new Intel Cloud based IAM solution. It looks pretty expensive for high volumes, but it might make sense for something that has total cost recovery or for small, elastic groups of transitory users. In HE, I am thinking about alumni or prospective students specifically. But in addition to writing about this, I wanted to make an updated rundown on the standards, since there is now movement on SCIM. Continue reading Run down on current cloud based IAM standards

Some analysis of Royce's own concerns with the Waterfall model

Over at the *Art of SW Dev* is a very good post giving some historical analysis on [Waterfall vs Agile](http://sinnema313.wordpress.com/2010/01/16/waterfall-vs-agile/), using Royce’s original paper, and a good understanding of what is agile in the present day. It finds that Royce has been very unfairly mischaracterized. He found many flaws in the Waterfall (some suggest labelling this as *single-pass waterfall to give Royce credit for wanting iteration), and wanted things like full test coverage, people over process, etc.

It’s worth a parse and some thought.

Water-Scrum-Fall is Water-Scrum-Fail

[ADT has an interview](http://adtmag.com/articles/2011/06/24/water-scrum-fall-agile-reality.aspx) with [Dave West](http://adtmag.com/webcasts/2011/05/adt-agile-supercast.aspx) discussing the promise of Agile and the reality of its use. It draws on over 300 interviews and surveys undertaken by Forrester in the area of enterprise Agile adoption and provides attendees with a clear set of recommendations for how organizations should approach Agility. West cites where there is a clash between the dev team and moving into production. Continue reading Water-Scrum-Fall is Water-Scrum-Fail

Google releases tool to convert Flash to HTML5

I just wrote about the [Last Call](http://seanmehan.globat.com/blog/2011/07/02/html5-draft-last-call-by-w3c/) for HTML5, much of the hype around being concerned with the move to shift out of plug-ins to browser support for RIA, presently driven by Flash and Silverlight. Google has just releases [Swiffy](http://swiffy.googlelabs.com/faq.html), which converts SWF Flash format files directly to HTML 5. Swiffy uses SVG features that limit it presently to browsers like Chrome and Safari. Continue reading Google releases tool to convert Flash to HTML5

Do you have any of the top 25 coding errors in your code?

This year’s list of the [top 25 coding errors]() was released by the [Common Weakness Enumeration]() project. Development teams and management should be aware of these trends and use them as quality requirements lists in their own development processes. Continue reading Do you have any of the top 25 coding errors in your code?

Errors arising from faulty approaches

Yes, we all get them, foibles of the human condition. Faulty reasoning that traps us in the hell of our errors. But this quote from [George Polya](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polya) is like a little prayer and should be incanted when anyone forgets, or gets too sanctimonious, about the problem. Enjoy. Continue reading Errors arising from faulty approaches

Where forward for UHI VC From HD 1080p?

So, here at [UHI](http://www.uhi.ac.uk/) we are just finishing installing a refresh of our entire VC infrastructure, which we depend upon in a critical fashion. We have the highest number of [1080p](http://bit.ly/axHAiK) capable codecs deployed in any HEI in Britain, if not the world, since it fits our delivery model, and we use it to support the entire academic enterprise. But what is coming down the pipe for when we do this again in 5-7 years?

Continue reading Where forward for UHI VC From HD 1080p?